What is Your Favorite Color?

The colors you choose for marketing, advertising, or gifts may have bigger implications than you thought!

Do you have a favorite color? You may not realize it but colors actually speak to us. Not only are colors symbolic, but they can evoke emotions or physiological responses. Most of us from our youth are taught that colors mean something such as red meaning stop and green means go. When we see pink or light blue balloons being delivered, it is likely to mean that a baby girl or boy has been born. The entire spectrum of colors has meaning and connotations. When you buy a gift for someone, do you know what the colors could mean? Here are the basic colors and their meanings.


Red is the color or power. Is associated with fire and blood so it is often associated with strength, determination, passion, love or desire. Red is a strong emotional color, which draws attention and signifies Stop or Danger. Red has been proven to evoke natural body responses such as raising blood pressure or increasing respiration. When used in advertising, it is usually complimented by a contrasting color shade of red to “tone” down the effects. Red is such a versatile color because it is used to show love, desire and passion while at the same time, anger, danger and stop.


Yellow is a color generally associated with happiness, joy and energy. Yellow is a warm color that gets people’s attention, which is why taxicabs were painted yellow. Yellow is often used to promote children’s products. Yellow in advertising is used to highlight the most important elements of your product or design. Yellow should be used for lighthearted items but not typically for high end products.


Orange is a combination of red and yellow. The energy of red and happiness of yellow form a color that represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, success and encouragement. It is a citrus color so it is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetites. Orange is also the color for strength and endurance. It should be used to catch attention or highlight important aspects of your product or design. Orange is a wonderful color for promoting food and children’s toys.


The color green is typically associated with nature. When you see green, you think of freshness, fertility, harmony, growth, and money. It is also a safety color, which is associated with “Go” or “good”. Green is a healing color because it is the most restful color on the human eye and has been shown to improve vision. You should use green when you are trying to promote feelings of safety or trust. Green should also be used when you are trying to promote environmentally friendly products.


Blue is a color that is associated with loyalty, trust, confidence, faith, truth, or wisdom. It is the color of the sea and sky. Blue is a color that evokes calm feelings and tranquility. The color blue has been shown to slow the human metabolism and produce a calming affect on people. Unlike red, yellow and orange, which are emotional colors; blue is linked to human intellect and consciousness. You would use blue to promote products related to cleanliness, water or precision high-tech products. Blue is a masculine color is typically associated with males. Blue is used a in corporate America because is linked to expertise, stability and trustworthiness.


Purple is a combination of blue and purple which is a combination of stability and energy. Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, wisdom, dignity, creativity, mystery and magic. The color purple is favored by young people and used in advertising to youth. If you want to portray elegance and a touch of class, use purple in your products.


White is the color of goodness, purity, innocence and perfection. The color white signifies safety and perfection. When compared to black, it is considered the positive or good. White is the color of snow, so in advertising, it is associated with cleanliness and coolness. White is also used with tech products to signify simplicity. Apple computer has made use of the color white on their products to promote just that, simplicity or ease of use. White is also associated with charitable organizations.


Elegance, formality, power, death, evil, fear or mysteries are typically associated with the color black. Black can have a negative connotation and is the opposite of white. Black is used for strength and authority; it is also considered to be very formal and prestigious color. Black can also be the color of grief. Black is often worn to make someone look thinner so it is a color that gives the feeling of depth and perspective. Black is a great color to use as a contrast to other colors. It helps to create powerful combinations when used with other power colors like red and orange.

So now you know more about colors and their meanings. In the gift basket business, color is always taken into consideration when designing gifts. Gift basket professionals know that some colors just go together so they are used in everyday gifts, but often times a client will want to send a special message so they custom make these gifts to specifically address the client’s needs and desires using colors.

The next time you are considering a gift, think about the colors and what it means. You always want to be sure you are sending the right message!