Business Owners – Are You a Walking Billboard For Your Business?

Take a look at your shirt right now. Does it have a logo or advertisement for your favorite brand? Are you walking around advertising your favorite brand of running shoes? Your favorite sports team? I’m not talking about just men here. Women do it too. Women walk around advertising handbags made by name brand companies. They wear shirts, belts and shoes with the name of a business on them. If you are a small business owner I want to you stop right now walking around advertising someone else’s products, services, or business.

Promoting your business does not have to be expensive. Every day people are looking at you and your employees. It only takes 15 seconds for someone to look at you and form an opinion. So, while they are looking at you and forming an opinion why not let them see your business name, your name, and your logo.

Starting today I want you to use my five tips to develop your presence and promote your business.

1. Wear a name tag. Name tags are a very inexpensive way to market your business. You can purchase a name tags for you and your employees in various colors and sizes. They typically cost less than $10 each.

2. Ball cap. If your industry takes you and your employees outside a ball cap may serve a dual purpose. It can protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun while promoting your business. You will want to choose a color that is in your business color scheme. Your logo or business name can be prominently displayed on the cap so that everyone can see where employees work for or what you do.

3. Polo shirt. I am not a fan of t-shirts because I think they promote a sloppy appearance and you do not want potential customers to think you are sloppy or perform sloppy work. Polo shirts can be used to adopt a professional appearance. They can be dressed up or down. Polo shirts come in an array of colors and fabrics. The person that designs your name tag can probably embroidery your logo and/or business name on to a polo or dress shirt.

4. Tote bag. Tote bags come in various sizes and styles. If you are going to be carrying a backpack or purse you can switch to a tote bag in your business colors and be a walking billboard for your business. Many times a brief case is not large enough to carry client files or your portfolio. A tote bag with your business logo on the side will promote a polished image while being an affordable option when carrying items that are too large for a brief case. It could even serve as your laptop case.

5. Jacket. I often see people wearing jackets with their favorite university or sports team on them. I suggest you invest in a nice seasonal jacket with your logo on it.

Investing in clothing, name tags, caps, or tote bags are very inexpensive. Many times you are already purchasing similar items to complete your seasonal wardrobe. I challenge you to pick up a uniform catalog and look at the prices of the items. I did not realize how inexpensive they were until I received several of these catalogs and noticed the quality of the items and how they come in many different styles. There is no need for a woman business owner to wear a man’s sloppy t-shirt. These catalogs have scarves, short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, silk, and various fabric blends of tops and blouses. It does not matter what your industry these catalogs have great items that will help you promote your business as you conduct your day to day activities.

I encourage you to stop wearing clothing that promotes the great big name brand companies and start promoting your own business. Investing in self promotion is a great way to help your business grow while remaining debt free.

Go For Colored Business Cards If You Want to Make a Splash!

If you just started a business and are wondering about what business card to get printed, here’s a tip: Go for colored business cards instead of standard black and white ones. When most of us think of business colors, we think about shades of black and blue with white. There’s a good reason for this. Those colors look serious and neutral and the conventional wisdom is that serious and neutral is what you should be aiming for. Sure, there are some businesses where that is the case, like say in the undertaker business, but most business people could really use an individual colored business card.

The thing about business cards is that everyone has one. Think about it: If you have ever been to a convention or sales meet, how many business cards did you receive that looked exactly alike? When someone opens their wallet stacked full of cards, the colored one will stand out. Think back, which one did you keep hold on and which cards idle away in a drawer. If you have a new business and you want to make a splash in your field, then you need every little advantage you can get. Having a colored and individual card is an easy way to gain an edge on your competitor’s standard black and white card.

Do the small things like you do the big. If you put your creativity and effort into a business card, people will notice your dedication and assume that you will put that dedication to work at the rest of your business. More than that, it shows that you think about your customer and that’s really what creates great relationships. No one wants to feel like they are just another number on your balance sheet.

There’s a technical side to things as well. You probably have a logo or brand in mind already. An important factor in creating brand identity is that your logo should never be manipulated, stretched or misrepresented. It creates a feeling of unease if a company’s logo is changing from one medium to another. Do not stretch, alter or discolor your company logo or brand.

These are but some of the good reasons for making a colored business card. Try it out for yourself and see what reactions you get. There’s a bunch of online print shops with very favorable deals on cards, some even send you a sample for free.

What Is the Importance of Color Theory? How Does It Prove Helpful to Web Designers?

To create an attractive and user-friendly website, it is important to choose the right color combination which plays a crucial role in creating a successful website. Whether you create a web presentation by a professional web design company or individual, your website must have the right coloration contrast that gives it a professional and high-quality site view. And, if you fail to make your website appealing to the visitors, they will gradually miss the content of the page and opt for more attractive and informative alternative site.

What is a color theory?

Creating an attractive website starts with the theory right coloration scheme. Color scheme evolves a wheel of shades where we find three color groups – primary, secondary, and tertiary shades. Primary shades are yellow, red and blue. These three colors cannot be created by mixing other shades. However, with these primary shades, you can create new forms of ensigns that are termed as secondary shades. Similarly, tertiary colors are created mixing secondary colorants.

The color theory explains how colors can be combined for optimal uses, depending on the format and the content itself. While selecting shades for a website, you must keep in mind that combination you choose should be harmonious and sober to the eyes. One of the simple ways of selecting the perfect coloring arrangement is by mixing comparable shades to see whether they are working well together or not. Colorant combinations are created in website design from the same color palette. However, color mixing should not be too bright or too dark or distract the content. Web designers must choose color combinations very carefully.

Does color choice really matter in web design?

The role of shade in web design arises from the growing significance of different it to human mind. Color expresses messages, creates ideas, spark interest and generate emotions. There are some shades that hold universal significance. For example, the red color is commonly understood as a warning and green means go. If you combine these two shades red and green, people will associate this combination with Christmas theme as these two shades symbolize the occasion. The experts say that bright colorants always reflect a positive and happy mood, whereas dark colors are more likely to create the opposite. If you consider the psychological aspects of shades, you will find warm colors symbolize optimism, excitement and creativity. Likewise, cool colors symbolize calmness, harmony, and peace.

Selecting colors for a website is not about selecting colors that you prefer. The color you choose for a website should strengthen and establish a brand for your business. Colors that work well may not seem pleasing. By considering color combination as a science, you can see how literally shades work together and how they are evaluated both emotionally and internally; the correct color arrangement for your website design can easily be achieved.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that color is a very powerful tool in building and designing a successful website. The perfect colorant combination is a way to get your business noticed and connect with potential customers.

Business Card Printing – Get Your Name, Products, and Service Into People’s Minds!

Need help deciding which cards are best for you? Visit a business card printing business to get the assistance you need. Business cards are available in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and designs. Opt for a style, size, or shape that reflects the type of business you own.

They will help you make an outstanding impression on your clients and potential customers. They are essential for any business person, and they’re also an inexpensive marketing tool. They have been around for many decades and many people have them. As long as you make your business cards stand out from hundreds of others, you will make them memorable to your clients.

They are available in black and white, but they’re better in color. Colored business colors are more powerful than black and white cards. Adding color to your cards will not cost you a lot of money and the benefits of using them outweighs the extra fees.

When you purchase them make sure you include your contact information such as your full name, address, home phone number, work phone number, cellular phone number, and email address. You can add an image and slogan, but don’t overdo it. If you have a website, you should include your website address on the cards too. Instead of using long sentences, you may want to use bullet point type phrases. If the text does not fit attractively on your cards, you can always shrink or edit the text. Remember that you can personalize your business cards to your liking. When you visit a business card printing store, make sure you purchase a large quantity of cards.

Once you do business card printing, make sure you use them often. Get them into the hands of many people. You can give them out to family, friends, coworkers, and people you meet. You may also want to consider focus on giving them out to people who would likely purchase your service or products.

They will provide your contact information to your clients and people you meet. Quality business card printing will also say a lot about you. They make a huge difference when people are deciding which product they want to buy or which company they want to shop with. They are a powerful way of getting your name, products, and services into people’s minds and they’re easy to distribute.

They are are ideal for large businesses, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals. They are perfect for sales representatives, massage therapists, hair stylists, nail technicians, graphic designers, accountants, tax preparers, dentists, housekeeping professionals, psychiatrists, construction companies, and doctors who work for themselves.

They’re also suitable for many other types of businesses and enterprises. They can help you grow your business and increase the amount of traffic to your website or business. They are effective advertising and marketing tools and they will help you increase your sales and profits. If you distribute your new business cards often, you will build a huge network of business contacts and reap the benefits later.