Interviewing Tips to Get that Job! Why Wear Great First Impression Colors 4

When a person looks at you from a distance, the first thing they see is color. The color you wear represents your aura and when someone looks at you, they see color. Yes, you see color before you actually see the person. Also, people can tell your moods by the color you wear.

You should always wear business colors on an interview to get the maximum effect of dressing for success. You may wear cool colors to calm your nerves before an interview. It is very important to coordinate the colors so that it is complimentary to your skin tone. Try to avoid wearing colors that are too bright for the occasion. It is always good to wear a conservative color.

The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Blue is the most favorite color. It is the color of communication – dark blue is the color of authority and power. Blue is the water color that represents peacefulness. The colors recommended for business are as follows:

Blue – Best business color for men and women *

Red- Powerful, feisty, daring, lively

Black – Basic

Brown – Earth tone

Yellow – Calm

Green – Money color

*Navy blue and white are the interviewing outfit power colors for men and women. You may also wear this color when meeting with a client to secure a new contract.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Skin Tone

One of the ways to choose the color of your garment is based on your skin tone. One of the keys to looking good all the time is to buy outfits in a color that complement your skin tone. Let’s say you have a gold undertone. If you have skin with a gold undertone, you do not want to buy a lot of outfits in gold or yellow colors. However, green would look marvelous on you. You may have heard someone saying, “she wears red well.” It means that the red color is very complementary to the person who is wearing it. On the other hand, you might have heard someone saying, “I don’t wear red well,” or “red is not my color.” It means that the color red does not complement the skin tone. You will look better in an outfit that has the right color for your skin tone no matter the style.
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