Go For Colored Business Cards If You Want to Make a Splash!

If you just started a business and are wondering about what business card to get printed, here’s a tip: Go for colored business cards instead of standard black and white ones. When most of us think of business colors, we think about shades of black and blue with white. There’s a good reason for this. Those colors look serious and neutral and the conventional wisdom is that serious and neutral is what you should be aiming for. Sure, there are some businesses where that is the case, like say in the undertaker business, but most business people could really use an individual colored business card.

The thing about business cards is that everyone has one. Think about it: If you have ever been to a convention or sales meet, how many business cards did you receive that looked exactly alike? When someone opens their wallet stacked full of cards, the colored one will stand out. Think back, which one did you keep hold on and which cards idle away in a drawer. If you have a new business and you want to make a splash in your field, then you need every little advantage you can get. Having a colored and individual card is an easy way to gain an edge on your competitor’s standard black and white card.

Do the small things like you do the big. If you put your creativity and effort into a business card, people will notice your dedication and assume that you will put that dedication to work at the rest of your business. More than that, it shows that you think about your customer and that’s really what creates great relationships. No one wants to feel like they are just another number on your balance sheet.

There’s a technical side to things as well. You probably have a logo or brand in mind already. An important factor in creating brand identity is that your logo should never be manipulated, stretched or misrepresented. It creates a feeling of unease if a company’s logo is changing from one medium to another. Do not stretch, alter or discolor your company logo or brand.

These are but some of the good reasons for making a colored business card. Try it out for yourself and see what reactions you get. There’s a bunch of online print shops with very favorable deals on cards, some even send you a sample for free.