Colored Business Cards Will Make Your Customers Remember You

Ever noticed how all business colors seem to be restricted to grey, black, blue and white? There’s a reason for that of course. Most established business want to seem serious and professional, and conventional wisdom says that uniform colors are the best for that. Really though, while it may make sense not to wear clothes in too strong colors if you are working in a bank, most new and upstart business should focus more on getting out there and making a name, than sticking to old fashioned rules. When it comes to business cards, there is no reason to go for a standard black and white one, if you have the option of a colored one.

Business cards that look good can make a big difference. In the American 80’s hit movie ‘American Psycho’, the main character almost has a nervous breakdown in the board room, when he discovers that a fellow VP has a better looking card than his. There’s no need for such dramatics of course, but a nice business card in inviting colors makes it much more likely to be noticed in a wallet full of cards. If you have ever been to a sales meeting or convention, I am sure you can agree. We all pass business cards around, but how many do we actually take notice off? A colored business card will give you that little edge over your established competitors.

When people see that you made an effort with your card, they will assume that your creativity and dedication carries over to your business. If they see a bland, uninspired business card, then they may assume that you yourself is bland and uninspired. It’s amazing what a little detail to font, color and graphics can do for a first and second impression. Creating good and dynamic relationships is key to any business and this is but one way to do so.

There’s another marketing benefit to colored business cards, namely that of preserving your brand identity. There’s a reason for why the world’s biggest brands always look the same, no matter what medium. Your brand and company logo should always look the same. If it doesn’t then customers may think it strange. It’s akin to not having a clean and tidy office or shop front. You do not want to stretch or manipulate your logo and if it is in color, then you do not want it in black and white. Branding is ever more important, also for smaller businesses.