Color Consultant: Through the Eyes of an Expert

Color exists in everything around us. It is natural that it visually influences us the most compare to other visual stimuli. But not all people are aware of it consciously. They just see the color as a means of identifying an object; however, it can affect a person emotionally. It can suggest an emotion or thought that people are not even aware of.

There are people who study these kinds of reaction. Color consultants study its complex effects and its practical use. These people have a trained eye in determining the right color suitable for a place or purpose. It is actually a combination of psychology, current trends, statistics, aesthetics and design theory that they are able to come up with an analysis.

Being a color consultant is not purely art. Their duty is trying to combine color and functionality. They are looking for a practical purpose for the colors. There are also challenges in the field. The consultant should always be aware of current color trends to make an up to date analysis. They should have an instinct whether to follow standard color or introduce a new one. Here are some few questions that a consultant might ask on himself:

  • Does following the popular color trend bring out the desired results?
  • Does it need a new one to convey the message better?
  • Does the color evoke the necessary emotions needed?
  • Does the color attract the right kind of people?
  • Does it stand out from competition?

These are some practical questions that a color consultant constantly finds answer for. The usage of color in business is an old business technique. Companies are investing on their logos to raise brand awareness among consumers. This is where color analysis is much needed. A successful color choice can help cement the brand’s image. Consumers would be able to remember the brand with just the colors alone. And in business, color association is a good thing.

It also has a practical application in design. There are colors that can subconsciously suggest an emotion. Restaurants choose a certain color for their interior that is good for the appetite. Offices paint their walls with color that induces thinking.

Color consultants are highly demanded. They could also give their expert advice to interior designers and homemakers. This is why time tracking projects are a must for them. It is very profitable and satisfying career for those who sincerely appreciate colors.