Business Owners – Are You a Walking Billboard For Your Business?

Take a look at your shirt right now. Does it have a logo or advertisement for your favorite brand? Are you walking around advertising your favorite brand of running shoes? Your favorite sports team? I’m not talking about just men here. Women do it too. Women walk around advertising handbags made by name brand companies. They wear shirts, belts and shoes with the name of a business on them. If you are a small business owner I want to you stop right now walking around advertising someone else’s products, services, or business.

Promoting your business does not have to be expensive. Every day people are looking at you and your employees. It only takes 15 seconds for someone to look at you and form an opinion. So, while they are looking at you and forming an opinion why not let them see your business name, your name, and your logo.

Starting today I want you to use my five tips to develop your presence and promote your business.

1. Wear a name tag. Name tags are a very inexpensive way to market your business. You can purchase a name tags for you and your employees in various colors and sizes. They typically cost less than $10 each.

2. Ball cap. If your industry takes you and your employees outside a ball cap may serve a dual purpose. It can protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun while promoting your business. You will want to choose a color that is in your business color scheme. Your logo or business name can be prominently displayed on the cap so that everyone can see where employees work for or what you do.

3. Polo shirt. I am not a fan of t-shirts because I think they promote a sloppy appearance and you do not want potential customers to think you are sloppy or perform sloppy work. Polo shirts can be used to adopt a professional appearance. They can be dressed up or down. Polo shirts come in an array of colors and fabrics. The person that designs your name tag can probably embroidery your logo and/or business name on to a polo or dress shirt.

4. Tote bag. Tote bags come in various sizes and styles. If you are going to be carrying a backpack or purse you can switch to a tote bag in your business colors and be a walking billboard for your business. Many times a brief case is not large enough to carry client files or your portfolio. A tote bag with your business logo on the side will promote a polished image while being an affordable option when carrying items that are too large for a brief case. It could even serve as your laptop case.

5. Jacket. I often see people wearing jackets with their favorite university or sports team on them. I suggest you invest in a nice seasonal jacket with your logo on it.

Investing in clothing, name tags, caps, or tote bags are very inexpensive. Many times you are already purchasing similar items to complete your seasonal wardrobe. I challenge you to pick up a uniform catalog and look at the prices of the items. I did not realize how inexpensive they were until I received several of these catalogs and noticed the quality of the items and how they come in many different styles. There is no need for a woman business owner to wear a man’s sloppy t-shirt. These catalogs have scarves, short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, silk, and various fabric blends of tops and blouses. It does not matter what your industry these catalogs have great items that will help you promote your business as you conduct your day to day activities.

I encourage you to stop wearing clothing that promotes the great big name brand companies and start promoting your own business. Investing in self promotion is a great way to help your business grow while remaining debt free.